“I started the 30 day challenge with Francis as I had lost 3 and a half stone in the last 2 years and came to a stand still. I had also been left with some excess skin. No matter what I tried, I couldn’t shift any more weight! Fran’s encouragement during work outs along with the weekly healthy eating plan gave me the push I needed to start dropping pounds again and toning up.

I lost 10lb of body fat with Fran and have signed up for my second challenge I still have a long way to go but I know I’ll do it with the encouragement of Fran. I couldn’t recommend the 30 day challenge enough!”

Jennifer Howell
“I started the 30 day challenge with Fran after trying loads of different diets that just didn’t seem to work for me. I did weight watchers, slimming world, atkins-literally everything. I always found that I’d lose a couple of pounds and then put it straight back on. I cannot believe the results I’ve gotten since doing the 30 day challenge.

Fran shows you how to make healthy eating and exercise a part of your everyday life. It isn’t a fad, its a lifestyle change. I’ve lost two stone altogether and couldn’t be happier. I’d recommend it to anyone looking to lose weight or just trying to get fit and active. If I can stick to it absolutely anyone can. Once you make the commitment you’ll get the results. Looking forward to the next challenge and making my ‘after’ picture my new ‘before’ one.”

Tara Keane
“When i joined the 30 day challenge i wanted to lose some body fat and tone up, The workouts are intense and you get pushed to your limits, its very hard to replicate that in the gym. I would recommend it to anyone, no matter what age or size, its well worth it!

I’m delighted with the results and i cant wait to see more of them after the next 30 days. I wouldn’t have got this far without Fran, it goes to show what happens when you put the work in.”

Rico Walsh
“I came back after Christmas having put on unwanted body fat. I was told about Fran’s 30 day challenge and decided to give it a go. As a result of excellent diet plans and high intensity training 3 mornings a week and an additional 2 home workouts (just as intense as Fran’s training) provided as part of the challenge and resting Saturday and Sunday along with constant motivation and encouragement I managed to drop my body fat, increase 5 pounds of lean muscle and also definition and tone.

I am currently undertaking the intermediate stage of the 30 day challenge as I feel the first challenge results were far superior to any gym training I have done to date.

I’d highly recommend this challenge to anyone looking to decrease their body fat percentage, it caters to all fitness levels and personal fitness goals.”

Gerard Arthur
“I really loved doing the 30 challenge I couldn’t recommend it enough. Gary and Francis are brilliant they are great trainers they really push you and encourage you, we even had great banter while we are training which made it a lot of fun exercising.

I have so much more energy during the day now from the diet and the exercise I feel so much better and healthier. I couldn’t believe the results in just 30 days 🙂 every week I was noticing a difference but the end result was amazing I lost 10 pounds and 37 cm off my whole body and that was all in just 30 days. I feel so much more confident now.

Thanks guys!”

Elaine Shelly