My name is Shane White and I have dedicated myself to the fitness industry and training people for over 15 years now. I am extremely passionate about health and well being and love helping others improve their quality of life.


Northgate Personal Training welcomes people of all fitness levels and ages. From John who is is his 70s trying to lose weight to young Tyler who is an upcoming tennis player trying to improve his strength.
Our studio is very private (unlike intimidating public gyms) and gives you the opportunity to exercise and be educated in complete comfort; feel free to bring your own music. You will not need to pay extra gym fees on top of personal training session, nor queue for equipment.
Northgate Personal Training is dedicated to helping those who havn’t been to the gym in years, or thoses who have never exercised at all in their life.


At Northgate Personal training, our vision is simple; its all about you. We ask you to bring your fitness goals with you to the studio, and let us assist you in achieving them. We not only provide you with the tools necessary to reach your fitness goals- but educate you on maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

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